Lysandre really should’ve known better than to mess with death gods and teenagers.Sparrow is usually a sweet kid that likes to make flower crowns for his pokémon(he named the Yveltal Swoopyswoop)


Lysandre really should’ve known better than to mess with death gods and teenagers.

Sparrow is usually a sweet kid that likes to make flower crowns for his pokémon

(he named the Yveltal Swoopyswoop)

ok but about me getting freaked out over wearing a rainbow hat and people thinking I was gay?? Not because of homophobia actually. I was just really really really freaked out over people thinking I was something I wasn’t. Like, I even freaked out over people thinking I watched a lot of anime.

in 2008
I spent all the time I now spend on tumblr on a writing site,
and writing stories about boys falling in love was all the rage so I was like
"I’m gonna write a story about lesbians"

and this one time in 2009 a gross dude asked me if I was gay
and instead of saying no I said “I don’t know yet”
(he proceeded to tell everyone I was a necrophiliac. To this day I still cannot believe his leap of logic)

looking back I was a weirdly openminded kid and probably an angry feminist even in kindergarten

character development

me five years ago: wore a rainbow winter hat, heard someone whispering behind me I looked gay, got super embarassed over hat and did not wear it much after that

me now: rainbow wristwatch, rainbow stockings, rainbow anything, just give me all the colours


the reason I’m sososo sick of love triangles in fiction



it’s usually a girl and two boys

- and the girl HAS to pick one of the dudes presented.

- she can only choose ONE of them. polyamory is immoral and doesn’t exist besides.

- there are no other options.

-also not an option: aro-ace protagonist who doesn’t want either of them or anyone else

I am an aro-ace protagonist
this is what I was trying to convey

I will hereby only accept love triangles where the protagonist chooses neither or both

Personal PSA

I keep updating my about page, but I don’t think anyone is regularly checking it sooo:

I don’t mind being outed by irl acquaintances (or total strangers, but I’m not relevant in your life anyway). The general rule is that you should never ever out someone without their permission, and if you follow someone you know irl on tumblr and learn about their identities, you have no right to tell others as it can be unsafe for them.
But me, I live in a pretty safe place, have accepting people all around me, and I’m already open about it. I mean, I’ve posted about it on facebook, I’ve written articles to the newspaper, and generally don’t mind being the go-to open aro/ace/blorpgender person or uh whatever. In fact, I would much rather have people know about it, than assuming I’m something I’m not as that makes me outright uncomfortable. And I’m safe enough to afford that openness.

So uh, if you’re talking to someone, even if there’s a chance I’ll meet that person later, or even if I’m present, and it is suddenly a relevant thing, and you deem it safe enough to say anything about that one weirdo you know - picture me in your mind giving you a thumbs up. This is me giving you permission.