8:37pm April 23, 2014

Ireland adventures

And now, a little belated Ireland ramblings I was in Ireland and mostly Northern Ireland and I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, you don’t understand, I’m like… the Ireland-obsessed equivalent of a weeaboo. I unironically listen to riverdance music. I know I’ve wanted to go there since, idk, at leat since I was eight or nine. and it FINALLY HAPPENED AND IT WAS AMAZING

here, a summary of my trip, in list form, with varying degrees of coherency:

- the only thing we went to see in Ireland, as in the independent republic, was Newgrange. it was magical and ancient swirlyswooshies and every winter solstice the sun shines right through a window and into the chamber inside and they had a demonstration of that with a lamp and it was amazing like this strip of golden light that touched the floor and little kids tried to poke it, it was adorable and dskjsdfjhbfdbef

- theen we settled up north for a few days and we went to see The Giant’s Causeway WHICH IS HEXAGONY ROCK PILLARS CAUSED BY VOLCANICY STUFF but more probably giants. Even my little brother loved that and he is so sick of going to see rocks. Mom and me are like OMG OLD ROCKS and the family boys are like “rocks. again. SIGHHH”. But THOSE ROCKS THO. SO COOL

- also everywhere we went we ended up staring at waves for so long. You’d think that us, coming from a country that’s basically just coast and mountains, waves crashing upon shores and cliffs would be nothing new, but ALAS. We have too many fjords to get such huge, looong lines of waves majestically folding upon themselves and like an orchestra fly over coastal rocks like that.

- there was a super fluffy caterpillar at one of the walky paths and it had almost crossed over to the soft green grass and MOM. PICKED. IT. UP.
noot noot

- ok but the GRASS tHO??? it was SO GREEN I mean we have green grass over here but it WAS SO GREEN??? It was in soft puffs and when you frolick around in puffy fields it’s like TRAMPOLINE GRASS! POOF poof POOoffff poof poof. Also the grass is so climby, like a sea of grassy waves going up cliffs and hills and it’s so cool?? I like Ireland grasses a lot I wanna move into the grass. no house just grass, lots of grass. grass house grass furniture grass windows grass bed ooooooh grass bed omg

- we went over a rope bridge

- we saw lots of castles and castle ruins! castles are so great

- people had iRISH ACCENTSSss

- Of course I was without internet most of the time, and only brought my phone and in best cases got to leech on some resturant wifis here and there, so I did not get to see the newest episode of Game of Thrones. But what I DID do was visit a lot of shooting places, like Pyke Harbour, part of the Kingsorad, some Riverlands scenery, even the Winterfell Archery Range! Although we came too late to get shown around the last one. oH WELL it was great anyway. And do search up “Dark Hedges”, it looks amazinggg

- We went to the Titanic Museum in Belfast! I haven’t even seen the Titanic movie so I have no relationship to that ship in any way whatsoever, but it was actually amazing. I mean, the fact that they built such a gargantuan beast of iron (we went to the dock where they built it hOLY WOWww) and that there were so many people on board and it is just really interesting. Also it’s so strange that just such a ship sinking at all is a tragedy, like, the workers who had such strict rules and low pay and went almost deaf and so on, and with the people who got locked inside while the ship sank, and….. apparently the greatest tragedy in the movie is the love story? Maybe it isn’t, since I haven’t seen it, whoamItojudge, but every time I’ve heard anything about Titanic it’s about the love story. The TRAGEDY. it’s not a REAL PROPER TRAGEDY BEFORE ROMANTIC LOVE GOES AWRY or something bluhbluhbluh idk I’ll go away now
[OK BUT WAIT you know those little automats for gums or toys? they had one for FOSSILS. I got a shark tooth yay)

- on the way to the airport we drove past a house that had huge letters saying “IS THIS OK” on the roof

- The last three days of the trip we stayed in Dundrum Bay, which is in County Down, and THIS IS COOL because one of my fav Irish folk songs is “Star of the County Down" and it’s my ringtone - but mostly because Mom’s ringtone has, for as long as I can remember, been the Czech translation, "The Queen of Dundrum Bay" (the original is about some pretty lady and the translation is about a horse. OK THEN) and uh yeah. It’s just cool that we visited thE SONG PLACE YOUKNOW

- also MAYBE THE BEST PART was that I actually got to meet my tumblr-friendcrush Hlessiroo iN REAL LIFE? I’m still amazed that it actually happened. I did, of course, kind of coax my mom into planning to go abouuutt that area like hey did you know there are INTERESTING OLD ROCKS THERE and then we actually stayed really close and omg omg omg. I actually got to hang out with Hlessi for almost an entire day, climbing in ruins and talking about pokemon and books and exploring and it was SO GREAT and sdjbdfbefjbef fekjefjbefjbdsdsdjhsdewjbwed and then the day after I even managed to take the bus into town aLONE LIKE A MATURE ADULT so we went to see The Lego Movie in the cinema together. Swoon

summary: I’m so happy I finally got to do these things, I’m sad that I’m currently not doing them, and I will have to go do them and a lot of other things again.

everyone should also be amazed I did not buy a gazillion celtic pendants as souvenirs.

8:35pm April 23, 2014
I was feeling super sappy on the plane away from Ireland back home to Norway so I doodled a Hlessi and a Haiz and the owl backpack sitting in a ruins of a window at Inch Abbey

I was feeling super sappy on the plane away from Ireland back home to Norway so I doodled a Hlessi and a Haiz and the owl backpack sitting in a ruins of a window at Inch Abbey

9:26am April 23, 2014

Berlin update

They have wifi at the hostel! Wifi you have to get a new username/password for every eight hours and that doesn’t reach up to the room but wIFI.

- I was pretty wary of going to Berlin in the first place because RUFFIANS! THIEVES! POISON IVY, QUICK SAND! Idk, I’m scared of big cities. But so far it looks like it’ll be a really great trip!

- Out hostel is called Pegasus. Heck yes

- I’m a mature adult *tucks BMO plushie into bed*

- we saw a little of the wall and it’s amazing how people can take something as ugly as that and paint it and cover it in art and make it something that becomes beautiful

- trying to find a place to eat when you’re a class of TWENTY STARVING PEOPLE is really hard but we found a pirate themed restaurant and I got pasta in a kettle heck yes kettle pasta

- then I was gonna sit on the internet for a few hours and feed my addiction, but it got interrupted by a dude passing by that commented on how cool my phone is. Turned out he was a danish artist and somehow the conversation ended up being two hours long almost, about doodling and art and lIFE and stuff youknow. It was pretty awesome, like one of the Good Omegle Conversations that happens sometimes, except IN REAL LIFE. It got a little intimidating when my classmates left the sitty spots behind me because it was dark and I was sorta alone with a grownup dude and, yeah, I want to live in a world where strangers can just have weirdo conversations like that without being afraid but I still left as soon as curfew kicked in ahahaha ha ha

- the people here are so weird! Like cool weird. Yesterday we spotter four weirdo cyclists:
the biker cyclist with a normal bike fashioned like a harley davidson
the smoking cyclist
the clown nosed cyclist
the cyclist with all the bottles? What

And that was only the first day. wow

6:11am April 22, 2014
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Millennium Bell by mike oldfield

Mountain Mist, Milk chocolate

11:30pm April 21, 2014

zholtaniusar replied to your photoset “I may live in the middle of nowhere but it’s pretty sometimes mom took…”

We’re only the fourth largest town in Norway. :/

did Stavanger catch up with us or something
I don’t really care though, but now I must stop spreading misinformation

11:24pm April 21, 2014

I just got home from Ireland but tomorrow I’m going to Berlin with my class so
one more computer-free week for me whoop

have fun you guys

6:18pm April 21, 2014

I may live in the middle of nowhere but it’s pretty sometimes

mom took some photos

4:32pm April 21, 2014
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Zelda soundtracks or Zeppelins

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