Okay I will get terribly embarassed about this tomorrow, but I made those in a hurry to get some peace of mind
Usually I ignore valentine’s day completely because it’s of no interest to me, but this year I’m on tumblr and suddenly I see a lot of valentine cards. And they are cute and funny and creative, but I also get reminded that recieving any of those would probably make me more sad than happy. I mean, I’m reminded every day by everything around me how awesome it’s to be in love and have a romantic relationship. And I will probably never be, and that’s okay. But now I see all these creative cards everywhere and I just get a bit jealous, so I decided, why the heck not make some cards I’d like to have? I was already feeling productive and awkward at the same time.

So here are some very hastily made cards for those who just feel like spending Valentine’s day reading a good book, or baking cupcakes, or just hanging out with a good friend or two, maybe drink some tea, go to the cinema alone because that’s actually really nice, and just have a good day no matter what other people do.

(and if I’m not too embarassed and uncreative I might make some more later…)

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